Halloween: Anger Costume

Next up is Anger! One of my twin boys will be Anger and he has the perfect mad face for it. 🙂 Since I didn’t want to use wigs on the babies, I decided to make them beanies instead. I have never made a beanie before but Anger has such a square face that a square beanie did not seem too complicated.  I used stretchy red fleece and also picked up some stiff felt for the flames that would be on top of his head.The hardest part was sewing the finished flames into the top of the beanie.  The material was very thick especially layered on top of each other.

In the movie, Anger’s outfit is pretty simple. White top, slacks and a red tie, he is all business. I found the perfect red pattern for an almost vintage feel for the tie. I’d like to say I had a method for constructing it, but I basically started with a piece of fabric and just glued, folded, glued, folded, glued, until I got the shape that I wanted.

To make it comfy, the tie was fabric glued onto a long sleeved white onesie.Baby khaki trousers completes the look.


Three more costumes to go. If you missed it, see the Sadness costume here!

Click HERE for the final reveal!



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