Halloween: Sadness Costume

If you haven’t guessed, our family costume this year is Inside Out. My daughter chose to be Sadness and the whole family jumped on board. Leave it to my daughter to pick the emotionally complex one and I was actually quite proud that she did!

Thankfully these costumes turned out to be quite simple.  I found both the wig and the glasses from Amazon.

I knew that living in Southern California there was a good chance that it might be hot in Halloween.  I asked my mom if she could crochet some wrist cuffs and just the neck part to give the allusion of a turtleneck sweater. 

I also found her blue top and pants from Amazon which is super helpful when I can’t always get out of the house.

Click HERE for the final reveal!



8 thoughts on “Halloween: Sadness Costume

  1. Hi Mel,
    You never cease to amaze me … or should I say Elle? Would you be so kind and ask your mom what crochet pattern she used for the turtle neck and cuff accessories.
    It’s really pretty and I’d like to give it a “whirl” ! I miss your sweet face around here but so happy you are at home and doing the most important job as Mommy!!!


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