Children’s Creativity Museum

Since my husband had to work this weekend in San Francisco, my sister, daughter and I got to explore the city and came across this gem, the Children’s Creativity Museum right by the convention center. Any opportunity to experience creativity, I am in!I loved their vision, especially the importance of the ability to think and act creatively.Starting in the Imagination Lab, we were one of the first visitors to arrive.    There was so much to do in just the first room.   From all types of building materials…  to a puppet theater…to an interactive floor and touch screen.    One of my daughter’s favorites was the foamy, sculpting table.  She made a pancake. At the “Snap It” station, Auntie Ems colored, cut out and snapped together a monster with a tail and movable arm.  Just one arm.  I think she got tired. At the “Move It” station, you could take that monster and create a stop motion, animated film.  My daughter pressed all the buttons, changing the border, the background and intermittently pressing the camera button to take individual stills.  Then, it plays your movie and will email you the final product. Genius. We took the “Mystery Box Challenge.”  After picking a card and a mystery box of supplies, the challenge was to create a pizza.  Of course, the pizza of choice was styrofoam cheese. Yum. In the music studio, we played the air harp by running our fingers over the sensor in the box. My daughter got her first Karaoke experience.  She picked The Alphabet song and got a kick out of seeing herself on the screen.  They emailed this video to us as well! There was even a dress-up station for your musical debut.  If you are ever in San Francisco, I highly suggest you try to make it here.  There was just enough to do in a couple hours without making the experience overwhelming.  I loved letting my daughter experience all of the exhibits as she wanted to experience them.  After all, isn’t that the point of creativity?

P.S. Being in San Francisco during PRIDE and after the Supreme Court ruling was something I will never forget.  I got a little teary eyed watching the parade, thinking about how when our daughter is ready to find a partner, this is something she will not have to worry about anymore regardless of who she chooses.  I feel humbled and grateful to be able to take part in such a momentous time in history.



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