Personalized Pillows

It’s time for another felt project!  After making the Chicka Letters, I wanted to use the same concept to create personalized pillows for some of the dear little ones in our lives.

20150620-namepillows-01Using the same font but in a smaller size as the Chicka Letters, I printed and cut out letter stencils from the computer.

20150620-namepillows-02From my abundant supply of felt, I tried to pick complementary colors for each letter of the name.  I love this pillow cover because it allows the colors to pop and brings a youthful and modern balance.

20150620-namepillows-03In order to center the name on the pillow, I simply folded the pillow in half height and lengthwise and marked it with a pin.  This gave me a guideline to work from.  After placing all of the letters down, I then measured the left and right margins in order to make sure they were of similar length.  A plastic cutting board inside the pillow case allowed for an easier pinning session!

20150621-namepillows-05This is a case where an embroidery hoop really comes in handy because the pillowcase is pre-made.  Using the hoop kept the opening of the pillowcase wide enough to stitch in and out. And, it’s done!


IMG_00102 IMG_7065[1] IMG_7072[1]




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