A Built-In of Our Own Design

We absolutely love our home.  Although small, it is very bright, comfortable and has a good flow.  We use almost every single inch of the house and if there is an opportunity to gain more storage and make use of some space, we take it!

This is our dining room built-in design process with construction and installation by the fabulous Matt Mason and team!

Fishman LR Built In_drawing

After some research online and an inventory of everything that we would need storage for, this was my design.  The unit needed to function as a buffet/office/craft room.  The drawing was super helpful in showing contractors what we needed.


MW Mason Construction was able to create something almost exactly like my original drawing.

Photo Mar 25, 8 52 47 AM

Yes, we had a huge 70’s mirror and slate flooring on the wall in the area where the built-in would go.  Being that the wall was inset a foot and a half, it was the perfect location for a built-in.


And just like that, my vision became a reality!

builtincabinet-8 Using oak allowed the grain to peek through. Chrome drawer pulls and crystal knobs for the doors add just a touch of shine and sparkle.


The stone for the backsplash was love at first sight. It was rather pricey but with such a small area to cover, we couldn’t resist.

As I sit here, working on this post at our new desk, I love knowing that this has become a much more usable, enjoyable and beautiful space in our home!



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